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Pets Need Dental Care Too!

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Imagine not going to the dentist for years.

In many ways, pets are just like us and their oral health is no exception. Although dental disease can be quite painful and can lead to life-threatening conditions, our companions’ inability to communicate what hurts allows symptoms to progress rather quickly. By the age of 3, an estimated 80% of canines and 70% of felines will develop some form of dental disease. The good news is, dental disease is entirely preventable!

Veterinary Dental Procedure

Dental hygiene goes far beyond the pleasing aesthetics of a sparkling, white smile and fresh breath. Of course, fresh smelling doggy kisses are great, but increasing your pet’s longevity is even better! Research shows that dental health and total health are closely linked, so why are the number of pets with dental disease on the rise? This is likely due to pet owners being unaware of the detrimental effects of neglected dental care. Your pet’s dental health is worth brushing up on if you notice ‘doggy breath,’ discolored or loose teeth, swollen gums, excessive drooling, difficulty chewing, or pawing at the face and mouth. Oral bacteria that spreads to the rest of the body can inflict serious damage and infection to the immune system as well as vital bodily systems such as the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys.

We believe in the power of preventative health as it keeps your furry friends’ chops healthy year-round and can even add 3-5 years to their life! Similar to the human dentist, your pet’s teeth and gums will be visually examined for signs of plaque build-up, inflammation, and pain. However, it is nearly impossible to assess complete dental health without full-mouth x-rays, which are able to quickly and accurately detect concerns beneath the gum line such as foreign objects, fractures, and tumors. Once a diagnosis is made, we will be able to safely and comprehensively clean your pet’s teeth under the close supervision of our highly-skilled veterinarians and technicians.

At-home dental care is highly encouraged to maintain dental health between annual visits. The younger your pet is when you begin brushing their teeth, the easier it will be for both of you. There are great alternatives for pets who are too resistant to at-home brushing such as dental treats and toys that reduce oral bacteria and massage the gums while your pet chews. It doesn’t get easier than that!