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New Clients Welcome!

New Puppy & Kitten

No matter if your new family member barks or meows, we want to give them the best start to life. Even if you are an experienced pet owner, make sure to bring your pet in for all necessary wellness visits, vaccines and screenings. The first year of your puppy or kittens life is so important, and they need a great deal of care to ensure they are as happy and healthy as possible.

Wellness Exams

At your pet’s wellness visits, one of our experienced doctors will perform a complete examination. We will also discuss spay/neuter procedure, nutrition and training and socialization. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask us any questions you may have!


Puppies are kittens are more vulnerable to disease and infections. We will create a unique vaccination schedule for your pet to make sure they are protected based on health status, lifestyle and risk.


We will run tests to ensure your pet is parasite-free and discuss appropriate parasite prevention with you. All kittens are recommended to be tested for feline leukemia and feline AIDS.

Downloadable Puppy & Kitten Packets

Download our puppy and kitten packets for in-depth information regarding your new pet’s health and care. Learn more about the importance of wellness exams, vaccinations, microchipping, spay/neuter procedures, dental care, and more. Information about pet insurance and our online store is also included.