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Dog Safety on St. Patrick’s Day

Protect Your Dog from Loud Noises

St. Patrick’s day can be a frightening time for your dog and cat. It’s a loud, rowdy day that includes some scary sounds for your pets such as:

  • Screaming
  • Fireworks
  • Cars honking
  • Parade noises
  • Loud, drunken partiers
  • Commotion that lasts well into the night

Staying home with your dog (and cat) is a good idea. This helps them feel more secure.

If you have a party, try to keep your dog and cat separated from the guests. Give them a safe, quiet space to relax. This will help reduce noise-related anxiety.


Walk Your Dog Early

During the St. Patrick’s day parade there are thousands of people in the streets. Your pup still needs their daily walk, but you don’t want to subject them to the craziness in the city. Your best bet is to get your dog out for his or her walk early in the day, preferably before the parades start. By going out early, you can avoid some of the rowdy crowds. Exercising early will also tire your dog out, making them less likely to be anxious later.

Tip: Walk in areas that are far from bars, restaurants, and parade gathering areas.


Keep Your Dog Away from Alcohol

Liquor flows freely on St. Patty’s day. If you’re having a party, or taking your dog out with you, keep them far away from any alcohol. Dogs, in general, don’t like the taste of alcohol, but the sweetness of some mixed drinks can smell and taste good to your pup.

Alcohol can be lethal for your dog. Keep all drinks out of your pup’s reach to avoid accidents. Same goes for cats. Because of their small body size, cats are effected by very small amounts of alcohol.


Keep Your Dog Secure

Loud noises scare dogs. That’s why the fireworks of the 4th of July lead to more pets running away than any other day of the year. St. Patrick’s day presents similar dangers for your dog (and cat).

When you walk your dog, double-check
their tags, collar, and leash. Make sure they are extra secure. Take your dog inside during the parade.

Keep them crated if you’re having a party because guests leave doors open by accident, the party and parade get loud, and your dog can get spooked and bolt. Consider crating your dog, or keeping him/her in a safe, locked room during your party. If your dog has a favorite hiding spot, give them access to it and let them wait out the noise there.