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Dog Safety on St. Patrick’s Day

Protect Your Dog from Loud Noises St. Patrick’s day can be a frightening time for your dog and cat. It’s a loud, rowdy day that includes some scary sounds for your pets such as: Screaming Fireworks Cars honking Parade noises Loud, drunken partiers Commotion that lasts well into the night Staying home with your dog … Continue reading Dog Safety on St. Patrick’s Day

Cold Weather Dog Safety Tips

  Keep your dog safe during the winter season! Follow these top five cold weather wellness tips.   1. Avoid Rock Salted Roads and Sidewalks The salt that helps melt ice and snow is heavy with chemicals that can burn your dog’s paws and fur. If you know that there are sidewalks and roads that … Continue reading Cold Weather Dog Safety Tips

Coping with Loss

Saying goodbye to a forever friend is certainly not easy. Beloved pets are commonly lost to old age, terminal illness, unforeseen emergencies, behavioral issues and chronic illness. While it is never a simple decision, a pet owner must consider their furry friend’s overall health, happiness and quality of life during these tough situations. When making … Continue reading Coping with Loss

Dental Care for Cats

Would you go years without brushing your teeth? Neither should your cat! Dental disease is dangerous, yet it is the #1 health condition affecting our feline friends. Neglected dental care causes 70% of cats to develop dental disease by the time they are 3 years old. Your pet cannot take care of their teeth and … Continue reading Dental Care for Cats

Protecting Your Dog From Heartworm Disease

What Is Heartworm Disease? Heartworm is a life-threatening parasitic disease that can affect any dog. The heartworm parasite is spread by mosquitos, which puts dogs in areas with a high concentration of mosquitos at a greater risk of contracting heartworm. Once the parasite has entered a dog’s bloodstream, it lives in the heart and surrounding … Continue reading Protecting Your Dog From Heartworm Disease

Vaccines for Indoor & Outdoor Cats

Did you know that when kittens are born, there are antibodies in their mother’s milk that give them immunity during the first few weeks of life? However, after that, it’s up to you to provide protection with vaccines! Vaccines work by producing disease-fighting antibodies that kill viruses, bacteria, and disease. Your cat will need certain vaccines … Continue reading Vaccines for Indoor & Outdoor Cats

Fleas, Ticks & Your Dog

Ticks and fleas both pose serious threats to your dog’s health. Fortunately, infestations can be easily prevented with simple at-home treatments. Fleas Adult fleas are wingless insects that feed on the blood of other animals. Although they are tiny in size, usually smaller than a sesame seed, their large back legs allow them to jump … Continue reading Fleas, Ticks & Your Dog

Allergies & Your Furry Friend

Did you know that dogs can suffer from allergies? Recently, as the prevalence of allergies in humans seems to be increasing, the prevalence in pets has increased as well. The symptoms of allergic reactions in pets are characterized by itching and scratching, which can lead to serious skin problems. Dog allergies fall into the three … Continue reading Allergies & Your Furry Friend

Senior Cats & The Golden Years

Beginning your pet’s life with health and happiness in mind paves the way for a high quality of life. Typically, cats enter their senior years between 8 – 10 years old. The natural aging process is inevitable, but senior cats are often very good at hiding pain, illness, and disease. That’s why it is important … Continue reading Senior Cats & The Golden Years

Household Dangers: Keeping Curious Cats Safe at Home

Cats are naturally curious creatures who can easily get their paws, claws and mouths on toxic household products. Pet-proofing your home makes it safe for your curious pet to live and explore accident-free. All Around Your Home: Never leave a window open without a screen! Screened windows protect your kitty from accidental falls and prevents … Continue reading Household Dangers: Keeping Curious Cats Safe at Home