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Our Blog - Month: July 2016

Allergies & Your Furry Friend

Did you know that dogs can suffer from allergies? Recently, as the prevalence of allergies in humans seems to be increasing, the prevalence in pets has increased as well. The symptoms of allergic reactions in pets are characterized by itching and scratching, which can lead to serious skin problems. Dog allergies fall into the three … Continue reading Allergies & Your Furry Friend

Senior Cats & The Golden Years

Beginning your pet’s life with health and happiness in mind paves the way for a high quality of life. Typically, cats enter their senior years between 8 – 10 years old. The natural aging process is inevitable, but senior cats are often very good at hiding pain, illness, and disease. That’s why it is important … Continue reading Senior Cats & The Golden Years

Household Dangers: Keeping Curious Cats Safe at Home

Cats are naturally curious creatures who can easily get their paws, claws and mouths on toxic household products. Pet-proofing your home makes it safe for your curious pet to live and explore accident-free. All Around Your Home: Never leave a window open without a screen! Screened windows protect your kitty from accidental falls and prevents … Continue reading Household Dangers: Keeping Curious Cats Safe at Home

Canine Behavior: Barking, Jumping & Chewing

Getting the most out of your relationship with your dog starts with your dog’s behavior. Here are some ways you can promote good behavior at home. Communicate. Dogs communicate with each other through their body language. Did you know you can communicate with them this way too? Pay attention to the signals your dog is … Continue reading Canine Behavior: Barking, Jumping & Chewing